Information Center

Iiyama station Information Center

At Information Center, we are not providing only Iiyama city's information, but also, we provide 9 city around Iiyama Station

- Iiyama City
- Nozawa Onsen village
- Nakano city
- Kijima-Daira village
- Yamanouchi town
- Sakae village
- Iizuna town
- Shinano town
- Myoko city

Together with all those town, we formed "Shinetsu Shizenkyo"(Shin'etsu Naturescape)

Open Time

Everyday from 8:30 to 18:00
English spoken staff is present

Free wifi and Power plugs

At Iiyama Station Tourist Information Center, we are equiped :
- Free wifi spot
- power plugs
So you can bring your PC / Tablet / Smart Phone to research and gather information.

Accommodation information and reservation

We provide the information and reservation of accommodation in Shinestu Shizenkyo area according to your request

Ticket selling

Lot of valuable tickets are available, like
- Nagaden bus tickets
- Event tickets
- Other valuable tickets

Transportation information

There are lot of bus, departure from Iiyama station to visiting spot.
We provide the information about
- updated time table
- line to destination (like snow monkey park, Madarao high land, Nozawa Onsen, etc...)

Luggage delivery service

We are providing Shinshu Hands Free service.
To profit this service, please deposit your luggage before noon, and your luggage will be arrived before 18:00 at your accommodation.
For the price, please ask at our information desk.

Information Tablet (free use)

This tablet provide the information about
- visting spot
- restaurant information
- and lots more
in Iiyama city and Shinetsu Shizenkyo area.

Luggage Keeping service

We could keep your luggage which are too big to put in the coin locker.
Luggage Keeping Service
1 luggage = 600 JPY

Souvenir shop

we propose many souvenir made in Shinetsu-Shizenkyo area. (woodworking product, traditional craft, guide books, etc...)
We have also, seasonal product and limited product which are only sold in Information Center.

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